Barbara Bridgford

    Psychic Surgeon

I Specialise in Back and skeletal Problems.

If you have back or other Skeletal pain, don't suffer any longer

contact me for an appointment for Psychic Surgery.

 I have been practising psychic surgery for over 20 years
with wonderful success rates. 
 I too have suffered back pain for many years unable to help myself so I know what it is like not to enjoy life,
 unable to walk and enjoy the countryside
or play with the children ...
everyday things that most people take for granted.
I have now managed to help myself and it's pain! 
So why suffer when it's possible for psychic surgery to remove the
excruciating pain? 
Therefore, I am now including appointments for Distant Psychic Surgery, 
or you can still call at my home clinic.

I am pleased to say the success rate on most skeletal treatments
is very good
75% one appointment,
20% twice,
5% of patients I cannot help for whatever reason.

Distant surgery will take longer.



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Repairing and Balancing Chakra's and Energy Field
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