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            Barbara Bridgford
                 About me.

      I practice psychic surgery, Reiki therapy,  
                 and Bio-energy treatments.
  I also give readings using my psychic/mediumistic 
    faculties too, 
linking the two worlds briefly.
bring messages/guidance from loved ones
                in the spirit world to those who
      need help during their grieving process
        and I also prove survival after the
                        death process.



     I am convinced about the spirit world because life after death has been
proven to me, beyond a shadow of a doubt.
     During the years I have been working with spirit people I have experienced
extraordinary psychic phenomena that can have only one explanation;
that intelligent individuals do exist after the death process.
     The dead communicate with me regularly; they are as real to me as the living.
I feel their love, affection, support and inspiration. They have guided me
through good and bad times, always by my side. A connection between mind, body and spirit has enabled me to live my life as an almost transformed human being. It has been a long journey, gradually revelational and at times amazing.

       From as early as four years old, I saw my pets who had died they came to say hello
and then disappeared through the wall.
Later in my teenage years, I saw deceased adult human beings and this scared me until I realised that
spirit people never come to hurt you they come because they care and love you.
It was then I recognised my mediumistic powers and began to hone them.

        Many people have since benefited; from bereaved relatives whose loved ones communicate with me
from beyond the grave, to the police, who enlisted me to solve a series of grisly murders.


       I also give spiritual healing, I am a Reiki Master and give therapy in Bio-Energy, both of which I teach.
I also help those interested in developing their mediumistic and healing faculties.


       Over the last 20 years, I have been used as an instrument for psychic/spirit surgery,
successfully freeing frozen shoulders, repairing spinal problems and bringing permanent relief to most skeletal
I have treated cancer, chronic asthma and many other conditions.


       My work has taken me all over the UK and to other parts of the world, giving lectures and demonstrations of
my gifts. Most of my working life, some 45 years,
has been spent helping individuals seek cures for their ills and enlightenment.


        What is possible is the ability to discover what exists after we die. If we believe this, and many do,
then we can prepare for it.  It all happened quickly for me and I am no different to anyone else,
we all have the ability to link with spirit people/spiritual intelligence 
but this can only be obtained when a person is ready,
and according to what they are equipped for spiritually, it just needs bringing to the surface,
which can be achieved through meditation, and or, a development class. 
People like me don't have special gifts as some would say, we are just fortunate to have this ability 
nearer to the surface than some others,
or have worked very hard to develop and bring it to the fore.



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