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                                                 The Upper Deck

Evil Jacopo has a Tattoo of the devil on his arm. A psycho without feeling or conscience and there is nothing he would not do to get what he wants. He manipulates, blackmails, kidnaps, tortures, kills all those who do not do his bidding and leaves mayhem wherever he goes.

He deals in drugs and anything that brings reward. He uses his prostitutes to stage his control over innocent victims enabling him to make them suffer one way or another.

In Naples Italy, he made a big mistake by crossing the boss of the mafia in the worst possible way.

They are on his trail and will not rest until they take him out, but first, they want him to suffer.

On Jacopo's travels from Italy, he treads on other people, either killing them or bringing them into his den of evil whether they like it or not, and eventually settles in Puerto Calero Lanzarote with his dirty deeds and evil plans, which include 'The Upper Deck pub' bringing suffering and fear to the owners,

Andrea and Roberto.




Cedar Across the World
I am fortunate to be a spiritual medium because my teacher in the spirit world was able to take me into a trance state so that this book could be written directly from the spirit realms.  

It is about our full circle of life in this world and in the spirit world. It starts with the soul entering the unborn child then explains why we are here, why we have rape, murder, disabilities, suicide and all suffering. The book discusses the death process, what happens to us in the next world, where we go and what we do and much more.

My Little Book of Inspirational Poems
t speaks for itself the poems were inspired by spirit, to bring love and upliftment to all who read them.

It is a good size and fits easily into a handbag or pocket.


My Second Little Book of Inspirational Poems

The poems are inspired by the spirit world brought with love to uplift and inspire.



The story is based in Cape Town S.A. It's about a young woman
who leaves home to get away from her overbearing loving parents. She goes from riches to rags and rags to riches again. On the way, she falls in love and becomes addicted to drugs and sex, not only with the living but with the dead.


Strange But True

Is about my life as a spiritualist medium helping heal the sick and prove survival after the death process. There are many very unusual stories, strange happenings and how I helped police solve grizzly murders and much more.


            My Third Little Book of Inspirational Poems

More inspirational poems from the world of spirit or perhaps the are from my higher self...
        I don't know but I hope you enjoy them wherever they came from.


A Collection of Love and Other Selected Poems.

I thought I would put a good selection of poems together for those who would rather have a larger collection of my poems.